RISK (Replenishment using Information, Skills and Knowledge) Management For Improved Effectiveness and Efficiencies

Vainateya looks at SMB (Small and Medium Business) companies (Turnover of US $ 100 MM to US $ 500 MM or INR 100 Crores to INR 1000 Crores) with manufacturing and supply chain operations as primary clients. In most cases these companies have unique opportunities to make substantial improvements in business. Each of these opportunities is unique - to that company itself.

In most cases, organizations of this size have trouble in growing further due to missed opportunities.Such opportunities may be in terms of being effective in reaching targets within specified resource inputs. Alternately, the targets may be achieved - at higher costs. This reduces opportunities for higher profitability. Operations teams miss such opportunities due to lack of (timely) information or skills required to meet current situations. For most part both people skills and information there is part of organization's DNA.

DNABoth people's skills and information they use / generate are heavily dependent on each other. The two are so well intertwined that they may very well represent "DNA" or 'culture' of the organization.

Vainateya helps an organization to ensure that information reaches decision makers in time. Alternately, an organization may like to provide adequate validations and authority to people in right spots. Either of these will help to take effective decisions and actions. This requires a good effort to transform way of doing business.

For best effect, it is necessary to take a composite approach. It is necessary to nurture skills and information (systems) almost simultaneously. If changes in working methods and information systems do not go hand in hand, it will be very difficult to achieve desired business goals. This is the main reason that most organizations struggle while bringing in operations improvement.

Vainateya's methods take care of this possibility. We help the operations team to define a feasible - yet challenging target. This is really the target position that organization should achieve at end of the project. From that point we have a well defined path to achieve this end result in a graduated manner. We identify knowledge and information needs under current conditions. Then build a model for future needs - based on possible solutions for information as well as new tasks and working methods. This will help operations team to visualize expected changes in working methods and information that will help to carry out expected responsibilities. These solutions will help business to leverage current technology as well as people skills in optimal manner.