Engage Vainateya For -

Collaboration with Software & Operations Consultancy Practice

We offer several services to help your organization in delivering higher value to your end customers. Some these offers are to -

Provide structured domain knowledge on manufacturing, supply chain and related operations. This knowledge will help your design and development teams to design and develop structured and scalable solutions.

Work with your or any third party team as quality auditors for range of software development and implementation requirements. This role will help to ensure that requirements validated by client operations team are used in design, development and implementation cycles.

Provide domain knowledge embedded within our supply chain manufacturing operations related services. These services are on offer to your clients for improving their operations performance. You would be able to offer improved software and other business services based on changed operational requirements.

Help your consulting teams to develop focused services. These services shall be special versions of our core services in different areas of supply chain. The services shall help your teams to understand client's business area and prepare detailed solutions to meet clients' needs.

Help your development teams and ERP implementation teams to prepare conference room pilots (CRP) and test beds on given business areas supply chain and operations. These test beds will help your development teams and client business representatives to communicate effectively about different business needs. This is essential to test different business scenarios as well as validate / verify any new requirements that a client team may have.

Lastly we will work with your development or design team in staff augmentation mode as well. We will provide necessary expertise in business domain or technical requirements for software systems design, development and implementation.