Project Based execution

About Industry
Normally a (large?) construction or other engineer to order type of work is considered as a good project base execution model. This is true. But in current situation, it will be good to consider application of project management principles for variety of activities such as-
A large order say of meeting order for a 400 engines required for defense needs or
Servicing of a power plant or other complex machinery is also a good basis for project execution. Any application where it is necessary to coordinate multiple assets and must be executed to a tight schedule is a good candidate for project execution.

Prospects In 2010
Looking the definition here, there will be multiple applications of project based execution principles. Delivery of complete requirements - and fully meeting technical and other requirements is top most priority. Other major demands are related to delivery on a tight schedule and timely execution of any order. Ability to control, coordination of multiple assets, priorities and activities is a major skill and asset. Delivering client needs in this manner is a major value for any industry. This value will ensure increased reputation and profitability in long term.

Opportunities for improvement
Meeting all client needs in a single delivery - or as per plans is the biggest improvement that a customer will appreciate. This would be the biggest opportunity in any industry.
Managing delivery and usage of multiple assets and resources in timely manner will help to drive down costs. Control on delivery / receiving process along with both inbound and outbound logistics is vital for ensuring that necessary schedules will be met - this is the most optimal service that a client appreciates.

How Vainateya Will Help
Vainateya will help to build organization and processes to deliver capabilities that will help in - Generating and follow through of effective schedules. Ensuring accurate records of all materials, order ranges and other resources required for managing schedules. Vainateya will help to generate leading indicators for proactive controls Evolving risk management and alert generation processes to ensure customer service in most conditions.