Personal Care Products

About Industry
Among FMCG, these materials represent a high value add and steady growth segment. With number of entrenched players, there is still good scope for a new and higher value add product line. There is a constant brand and product churn. Customers will generally maintain good brand loyalty. At the same time they are also likely to keep on looking for new products to try. For some of the products this search and test mode may be weaker than others.

Prospects In 2010
With a large, younger and increasingly affluent population, Indian market will continue to grow. There will be a good opportunity to improve breadth and depth of market. At the same time it will also be possible to develop new niche as well as expand some of established niches. Rebranding or expansion of some product ranges will be a major possibility.

Opportunities for improvement
With all the higher value available, there will be constant threats from competing brands and better customer values or new campaigns / promotions.These are both opportunities and threats - depending on whether you are the leader or follower in market. There is a constant need to identify products / brands that are emerging winners and those that should be weeded out.
Managing supply chain consistently to track and leverage each marketing opportunity will be a key capability. Being ready for different tactics adopted by competition can help you to give them a run for their money or deliberately bleed them by maintaining right pressure at correct points in the market. Overall managing supply chain visibility and agility for responding to any opportunity will be the most valuable ability for retail operations.

How Vainateya Will Help

Help you in several ways such as -

Create a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in terms of operating capability

Create a good map of costs, abilities and performance of your supply chain operations,

Prepare better contingency plans for different actions to take for leveraging different types of opportunities you are likely to face.

Train and coach your operations teams to be ready for leveraging range of business situations.

Come up with requirements and design of additional features of your IT systems so that you can get timely visibility of your supply chain events.