Shashank Tilak
B. Tech (Met Engg); Grad. I.I.I.E.; CPIM, CSCP, PLS

Throughout my career I have been solving problems - as a major means to make progress in business and career. During last two / three years in particular, I have tried to analyze and proposed solutions to variety of problems and opportunities. Some of these analysis pieces have been published on the net. The most prominent (and published) types of analysis of a problem and their solution are given below -

Other major blog entries and examples of analytical work are given below -

Date Subject & URL of the page
10th Jan 08 Comment about Gandhian Engineering - in context of Tata's Nano car - published on Spend Matters website -
11th Feb 08 Comment in a conversation starter on "Recessions Call for More Creativity, Not Less" as published on Harvard Business Publishing website -
22nd Feb 08 Response on a conversation starter on "Don't Cut IT During a Downturn" as published on Harvard Business Publishing website -
After Oct 08 Quotation published in an Aberdeen Consulting research regarding excellence in process industries- as posted on SAP website -
24th Dec 08 Contribution to discussions on Harvard Business Publishing website about "How General Motors Violated Your Trust -
8th Jan 09 Contribution for discussions about "Does China need a new miracle" on Spend Matters website - regarding limits of centrally planned economy and how Chinese people and society are likely to come out of current economic problems -
15th Jan 09 Comment and analysis about a major fraud being committed @ Best Buy Inc - as published on Spend Matters website -
29th Jan 09 Response on a story related to Davos Diary - Its' Governments Day - as published on Harvard Business Publishing web site -
After Jan 09 Reference to expert comment as published in Aberdeen Consulting research report on Service Management for SMBs - report published in Jan 09 and quoted on website of Click Software -
23rd Mar 09 Comment about the article on "World's Cheapest Car - Boon or Bane?" as published in New York Times -
20th Apr 09 Contribution on discussions related to "Stoves Designed for Health & Climate" as published on website of New York Times. This comment was also selected as one of the 6 Editor's selections (and recommended by 2 others) -
29th Apr 09 Contribution to 'What Matters' on "Global Sourcing In a World Less Flat" as published on McKinsey web site -
Apr 09 An article on "Green Supply Chain" as experienced by Indian Consumer - Published by KnoWerX and stored on Free Drive -,green_supply_chain_shashank_tilak.pdf
14th July 09 Comment on Debate Zone - "Will Asia Become The Center for Innovation in 21st Century" as published on McKinsey Consulting website -
3rd Aug 09 Contribution on Five pillars of supply chain - on 21st Century Supply Chain article.
21st Aug 09 Comment on article "How China Really Feels About US and World Affairs" written by Jason Busch on 'Spend Matters' website -
7th Sept 09 Comments about "What are your post implementation goals" - regarding avoiding expectation mismatch after an (ERP) implementation goes live. Published on the 21st Century supply chain website -
14th Oct 09 Letter to the editor of McKinsey Quarterly about their article "How Innovators are changing IT off-shoring" published on 14th Oct 09 - .
28th Oct 09 Feedback on article on "Supply Chain of 2015" by Dan Gilmore as published on Supply Chain Digest - URL is
30th Oct 09 Comment on "Supply Chain Suites are a fraud" published on 21st Century Supply Chain -
13th November 09 Comment on "What will it take for Renault / Nissan to beat Tata Nano on price" published on 21st Century Supply chain -
12th December 09 Comment about right way to invest in infrastructure. As a part of conversation starter article "The Right Way To Invest in Infrastructure" of McKinsey Quarterly -
6th March 10 Comment on “Where US will find growth and jobs” as part of comments on research by McKinsey Global Institute research on competitiveness of individual sectors-