About Industry
Similar to IT industry, the ITES / BPO / KPO industry is also a great success story for Indian companies. Once again, skills and attitudes of individual contributors as well as management of these teams is the best enabler that Indian companies have built. Wage arbitrage and currency differentials are external enablers have helped to build up this success.

Prospects In 2010
During 2010 and in near future, these companies will continue to grow and deliver better values to customers all over world. But in case of ITES / BPO / KPO companies' technology development and increasing internet skills of end users will be a major threat to look for. This threat will become more and more prominent as time progresses and or technology for voice recognition or business intelligence gets more mature. Particularly in view of these technology improvement and other threats, it will be necessary for these industries to be future ready

Opportunities for improvement
Opportunities will exist at different levels such as; improving productivity, particularly service request KPI improvements such as FTTR, request completion statistics, Time taken to close issues, Quality / extent of output meeting customer expectations, quality of research / information / support provided etc. In quite few cases, most current processes have reached their full entitlements. In that sense, it is important to re-engineer these processes and look for other, more efficient / effective means of meeting customer expectations. Talent retention and managing growth opportunities will be key means of achieving business targets.

How Vainateya Will Help
Vainateya team will help to improve your operations in several ways such as-

Productivity of front line teams - by identifying bottlenecks in current processes and means to address these issues in a better manner.

Build up skills for defining new skills, processes and even services while building up creative and innovation related skills in the team.

Identify new KPIs and means to build up value for individual team members - for helping to retain talent within the organization.

Improve recruitment and onboarding processes in company.

Improve cycle time required to make a new / transitioned employee productive as much as an old hand there.