IT development and Maintenance

About Industry
India has an established reputation for development and maintenance of IT systems and related services. This is one area where current market is based on collective and individual skills of staff. Managerial talent for maintaining business and overall service itself is also a vital component for successful run that Indian companies are enjoying so far.

Prospects In 2010
During 2010 and even for near future, current run of growth will continue. Margins will be under pressure, especially for "commodity" services of development and maintenance. There may be an increasing trend towards offshore operations but overall revenue per employee will continue to be under pressure. One of the biggest challenges will be in terms of talent retention and raising productivity and value of services.

Opportunities for improvement
Since staffing costs will be the most dominant component of IT companies' balance sheets, it is natural to look for improving its productivity and effective deployment. Improving quality / productivity will be the biggest opportunities. Second major opportunity will be around deployment of teams for improving productivity in service as well as enhancing value added to individual contributors. Lastly retaining talent is as important as retaining customers.

How Vainateya Will Help
Vainateya team will help to improve -
Skills and domain knowledge of teams working on Supply Chain and related areas.

Identify major reasons for lower productivity / higher lead times required to deliver goods and then work with you to improve.

Establish correlation between performance management processes and talent retention / nurturing results.

Building up skills of teams for analysis and solution designing for scalable system delivery.

Improve effectiveness and productivity of projects for testing of systems and quality of delivered work.