Healthcare& Hospital management

About Industry
In India the organized hospital and health care administration is relatively nascent. A few professionally managed hospitals have come up. But most of these are based on operations and models from west. There is strong need to establish and run hospitals in a manner suitable for Indian conditions in particular.

Prospects In 2010
The healthcare and administration industry will continue to grow. Currently it will likely grow in metro and other "B" cities across India. They will likely be held back only due to high real estate costs as well as paucity of good resources to run the establishment.

Opportunities for improvement
Making optimal usage of real estate, highly qualified doctors and other resources on premises will be a key challenge. Managing the records and test results of all patients will determine costs charged to patients. Ensuring validity of all tests, their needs and other activities for efficient patient care will determine how well the industry will be accepted Lastly, Indian healthcare setup will have to avoid falling into same traps of high costs and less than desirable services.

How Vainateya Will Help
Vainateya will help to ensure that each activity planned on the healthcare premises will be relevant and efficient. Streamline and dovetail different streams of activities so that patient will get timely and relevant services, while keeping costs under control, efficient distribution of different tasks related to patient administration. Establishing work flows and verification, reward and recognition processes for effective talent management.