Fashion / Apparels

About Industry
In India this is perhaps the most wide and rich market. With some of the richest variety in textiles, traditions and usages, this market will forever remain green. Add to that a young market and affluent lifestyle, along with new penchant for branded goods. There is one of the biggest opportunities in any time. A number of players are already entrenched and have good brand and product recognition.

Prospects In 2010
Urban population is the primary market for branded goods and fashion / apparel products. With most industry segments stepping out of recent cloud of economic crisis, the market is there and ready for further expansion. Increasingly younger customer base and rising affluence is the other major driver for this industry. With increasing awareness of choices available and percolating affluence, the market is also poised for growth in semi urban and "B" and "C" class cities across India.

Opportunities for improvement
For all the opportunities, there are good opportunities for improving supply chain performance in particular.Fashion and inventory turnovers are too small when compared to opportunities. There is also a huge opportunity for improving losses on account of markdowns and poor leverage of shelf life of particularly fashion goods.Ability to market at peak of product value cycle is a unique prospect in this industry.

How Vainateya Will Help
Vainateya will help to generate visibility into current sales information and facilitate it's travel through the supply chain at good speed. This will help to develop an ability to control inventory at each stage of supply chain and leverage best value available. Othere benefits that Vainateya will help to deliver are - Managing synchronization of product value and market positioning for effective product leverage. Vainateya will also help to develop intra-partnership within outbound supply chain team, to manage inventory and market opportunities in profitable manner.