Consumer Durables

About Industry
Particularly India remains a great opportunity for consumer durable goods. With aspirations of a better lifestyle and more affluence in urban areas, white goods - refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, entertainment gadgets - TV, music systems etc will dominate market. Other classes of products - specifically cell phone handsets will have both a primary and replacement markets. The entire product range will have almost ready customers in all price and specification ranges.

Prospects In 2010
Furniture and other higher tab items may remain sluggish. At the same time music systems, other entertainment products and appliances will maintain their momentum. In India and other low cost countries, there will be a decent demand all through. Variety of products - with combined capabilities will generally be a more safe bet. Energy efficient products will command premium. Some of the newer - but energy guzzling products may sell well initially, but in longer term, these will reduce in numbers.

Opportunities for improvement
Each of these products have their own set of characteristics and opportunities. For white goods - refrigerators, washing machines and kitchen appliance, ease of use, energy efficiency and performance will be key.For entertainment products in general and multi- feature products in particular, matching product features with customer / prospect needs will be a key ability.In case of high priced but high turnover products like mobile phone hand sets, it will be a key opportunity to manage turnover of products and synchronize it with turnover in market segments.

How Vainateya Will Help
Gaining insight into customer needs from interactions at front end is a key value to leverage. Matching these needs with supply will be the most effective contribution from Vainateya team Enabling synchronization of product turnover with turnover of different market segments will be able to drive your sales.