Banking & Pure services

About Industry
Banking, insurance and other 'pure' services will continue to provide necessary support to industry and other customers through increased services and expanding markets, particularly in India.

Prospects In 2010
In immediate future, there will be higher need for funds all across spectrum - from deposits to loans. At the same time, there will be a greater need for risk management. Commodity prices will continue to rise for some time to come. Industry and all consumers, customers will be under increasing inflationary pressure. This will affect staff costs and all other inputs in an adverse manner. Market stability will remain at a premium. But overall values will tend to increase. For these reasons, demand and supply of money will remain in a very fluid state. This gives an increasing level of uncertainty and risk to all activities that a bank or financial institution will face.

Opportunities for improvement
Major opportunities will be in improving productivity of core resource - funds at disposal of the institution. This will need several actions - Identification of major steps and stages through which the money will flow and time taken to do so, Major processes required to manage flow of funds. activities and tasks that operations team has to pass through in managing Need for improving productivity of funds management and people managing these activities.

How Vainateya Will Help
Vainateya team will help by - Identification of bottlenecks in processing and managing money and people resources. Developing / improving processes to overcome bottlenecks and manage resources in a better manner. Identification of information and other infrastructural needs of the operations team. Development of people - to build up their skills and providing them necessary empowerment for being more effective identification of risks in making these changes - both during change management and in actual operations Devising means to manage these risks in a better manner is a key ability that will help both industry and operations people to grow in value over a long period.