Automotive - Components & OEM

About Industry
Particularly in US and Europe, the industry is struggling with much lower sales and much higher inventories. Apart from hybrid or other fuel efficient vehicles none of the other vehicles seem to have a better sales prospect. Only place where more vehicles will be sold is low cost countries - China and India. Even there, trend is more towards smaller and fuel efficient cars. But other vehicles also make good headway. India and China generally tend to prefer domestic vehicles - unless the vehicle is really in high end brackets.

Prospects In 2010
Smaller, more fuel efficient cars, possibly electric or other environment friendly vehicles will really drive the demand. Smaller, more efficient and more integrated / value added components will drive this industry. There will be a bigger move towards cost savings and combining several components into a more valuable sub assembly.

Opportunities for improvement
Higher value at lower cost will really drive this industry. Being "Green" or amenable to lower emissions etc will provide a more positive set of opportunities. Ability to bring out newer products and meeting design change or other product improvement opportunities will really provide an edge to both the component and OEM customers. Listening to customers and incorporating their needs in newer products will help to drive business in a better manner - for both component manufacturers as well as OEM.

How Vainateya Will Help
Vainateya will help to identify areas where it will make largest impact on costs. Work with you to identify and develop specific opportunities to manage costs or deliver better values ensuring better customer service - more reliable deliveries, better visibility of demand and pipeline meeting that demand will be key areas to address in this respect