Your Crucial Partner For Sustained Success

Have you grown to your current status of mid size business (US $ 100 - 500 million or INR 150 Crores to 1000 Crores)? If that is correct, chances are bright that current situation also has a good measure of opportunities that need some stabilization.

Chances are very high that you have grown to this position organically. You had started with a concept of generating value for customer and your organization. You have developed a successful product and organized all functions well to generate good profits and growth. At this stage of development you may be having opportunities in replicating same operating discipline and ability to achieve consistency in delivering value to customer.

The other major possibility is that you have grown inorganically - through Merger and Acquizition mode. In that case, there will be a major set of opportunities in selecting best practices for operations coming from different entities - and then creating a more consistent set of operations.

We can help you in achieving your objectives in either condition. We bring to the table a set of core and services related expertize. In addition, we bring in our ability to understand and model range of business processes. This helps us to identify not only major opportunities for improving business process performance, but also devise means to manage risks in the processes.

Our core competence is in optimization of business process performance. We identify and size opportunities for improvement in business process performance. We will help to develop your current operations team - as an organizational development exercise. This will help your organization to realize and hold on to such gains.

Vainateya will work as your partner to effect substantial improvement in your operating performance. In most cases it will mean managing risk in any business operations in a better, more controlled manner. If you let us work with you, we will help to create a sustainable strategic advantage for your organization. For reading more about details of how improvements in operations risk management will help- click here